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The CRM Plan – A Blueprint for Success

CRM success starts with a CRM plan. Once you have invested the time to articulate the initial ideas for your new CRM home, share your thoughts with your CRM consultant or architect and key stakeholders in the organization, and put your CRM plan on paper.

The CRM Plan - A Blueprint for CRM Success

Your CRM consultant or architect can assist you in formulating a strategy and drawing up a comprehensive CRM “blueprint” to help capture all the essential elements of the project. This “blueprint” should address all of the details to successfully execute your building plan and will assist you in understanding the scope of your project.

Your CRM Plan should lay out the full scope of your project

Your CRM “blueprint” or plan can help to visualize and ultimately achieve your CRM project success. At its most basic, your CRM Plan can be a list of CRM requirements that should be regularly reviewed during the project to ensure that no step is missed.

For more extensive projects, some organizations will want to draft a formal RFP document which can then be submitted to several skilled CRM builders who can provide ideas and quotes for your project.

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