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CRM Success Steps and Strategies – Part 5: Check CRM Provider References

Once you have narrowed the potential CRM products, it is absolutely essential to check references for providers. The ideal relationship with a CRM provider will be ongoing and, as with any long-term commitment, it’s important to know what you are getting into. Find out how many implementations the company has and how successful they are. Ask about their experience working with law firms, their training and implementation resources, their documentation, processes and best practices and, most importantly, their dedication to customer service.

Check references of CRM provider

Let References Guide Your CRM Provider Selection

When following up with references, prepare questions in advance. Here are a few reference checking questions that may be helpful. Also be sure to reach out to other legal marketers for more candid opinions. I still remember a reference checking call where a marketer broke down in tears over a failed 2-year implementation. No one wants to end up in that situation. Ask the right questions to make a smart CRM provider selection….