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Data Quality Do’s and Don’ts – Part 5: Herding CRM Users or “Cats”

Kitty - 2BonHerding your CRM users or “cats” toward full participation is a challenge. The beauty of a CRM system is that by gathering and maintaining the collective information of all CRM users, contacts can be kept updated across the organization. If an attorney receives updated information for his contact but simply modifies the contact information in Outlook, the new information doesn’t flow to everyone who shares that contact.  If that attorney updates the information in the CRM, everyone receives the new information and everyone wins. That is, everyone who participates….  

CRM Users Win with Full Participation, Contact and Relationship Sharing, and Timely Updates

But as we all know, getting everyone to participate fully in CRM can sometimes be like herding cats… very smart cats… with opposable thumbs. If CRM users don’t participate, if they don’t share their contacts and relationships, if they don’t update information or if they don’t regularly review and update contacts, then nobody benefits and CRM becomes just another piece of expensive and underutilized software – aka, the glorified rolodex. So the question becomes, how to prevent this from happening