Up to 70% of CRM Implementations FAIL!

Watch Just How Many Ways a CRM System Can Fail

No Lists

CRM Isn’t Magic

Disorganized Contacts

Bad Lists


Bad Data Quality

Bad Information

Not My Job

User Adoption Struggles

Inability to Communicate

Too Hard To Use

Unrealistic Expectations

No Leadership Buy-In

Can’t Target/Segment

Poor planning

Lots of Work

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CLIENTSFirst Can Help You Prevent #EpicCRMFails

Here’s how not to fail with CRM:

  • Create a plan and strategy to succeed
  • Assess technology needs and requirements
  • Set realistic expectations and goals
  • Gain leadership buy-in
  • Effectively communicate system value
  • Enhance user participation and adoption
  • Define, achieve and communicate success
  • Measure and enhance ROI
  • Call CLIENTSFirst!

At CLIENTSFirst, we love CRM. If you don’t, please contact us to see how we can help you achieve CRM Success!

CLIENTSFirst Can Help You Prevent #EpicCRMFails

What kind of CRM challenges are you having? Tell us.


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